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Easily the most successful dirt bike club in Sydney, with an unbroken 30 year history of events in Motocross and Enduro, and in earlier years Dirt Track and Trials as well.
The following is what we know. Please send us information to fill in the blanks or photos and stories of your memories to
The letter below was received from Glenn Dunn, one of the founding members:
Mid January 1973 six people met on the front yard of 104 Como Rd Oyster Bay (the original registered address for the club) after a morning ride through National Park. We had met Harry Macklin of Macklin Motor Cycles he suggested we form a club and patronise his shop to receive a discount. The idea was talked about and agreed on. The founding six are:
No1 Patrick Lay Triumph 500 Foundation Club Captain
No2 Emanuel Van Gaskel Yamaha DT2 250 Foundation Treasurer
No3 Paul Jones – Suzuki 180 Trail
No4 Greg Kilham – Mini Moke
No5 Mark Ellis – Can’t remember
No6 Glenn Dunn – Yamaha DT3 250 Foundation Secretary
These I am not sure of but pretty close,
No7 Elaine Young Yamaha DT -175
No8 Sandy Delahunty Yamaha DT – 175
No10 Barry Acton Yamaha DT2 250 Foundation President
These numbers were derived from the receipt number when membership was paid. Our first President was Barry Acton even though he was not in original six his number is/was 10; he joined in the first week.
A little history as follows,
Week 1 - 10 Members
Month 1 - 36 Members
Year 1 - 135 Members
We met EVERY Sunday Night at Oyster Bay Community Hall and filled the hall often with 100 plus members, family and friends. We had a close association with St George MC (big sister), Liechhardt Annandale MC, Blacktown MC and Lower Blue Mountains MC. and conducted many events in different categories.
Within the first year we had joined the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) and the Auto Cycle Council of Australia (ACCA) who were the governing bodies in those days. Our delegates were Pat Lay and Glenn Dunn.
Our Club Championship consisted of Short Circuit, MX and Enduro events. Nearly every competitor had one Bike for all events, we would ride our road registered trail bikes (fully kitted) to an event strip them down attach our numbers and race all day.
When it was all over put Blinkers and number plates back on and ride home, then go to the meeting. Our club was blessed with a couple of marriages between fellow members.
Thank you for continuing our club we had enormous fun and pleasure within our competing years.
 Glenn Dunn    
Letter from Peter Connolly
My name is Peter Connolly. I  went on a nostalgia trip and did a bit of multiversing and found history of OBMCC written by Glenn Dunn to you.  I don't know when you got his letter but for the most part it is pretty accurate and I can fill in some of the missing information.  I would like to elaborate on the history of the founding members. Amongst the original six who met at 140 Como Rd., Como, was Brad Giddy, Emannuel van Gastel, Paul Jones, Glenn Dunn and myself; I can't remember who else was there but it was in relation to forming a club with the view of recruiting members to recieving discounts at Macklin Motor Cycles at Engadine and these were pretty substantial.  Most of the original six were Oyster Bay Rover Scout Group. Emmanuel knew of another Oyster Bay resident  Barry Acton who owned a Yamaha 250 trail bike who had suggested to him that all riders of trail bikes in Oyster Bay should get together and go on group outings.   A short time later a meeting was held impromptu at a local service station and the club was officially formed in the car park with Barry  inaugurating the formation of OBMCC and the issuing of membership fees and numbers. My membership number is 007, the number 009 is Brad Giddy and Barry is 010.  I have my membership card if you are interested in my sending a scan of it through.  The ages of the original founding members is interesting.  While most were late teens, Mark Ellis was fourteen who by the way had an off road 250 DT2  hotted up by  his father. Barry Acton was 35 and I was 28. I also had a Yamaha DT3 250 which was hotted up by Mark's father and enamal black and had white Yamaha insignia.  Trail, enduro and trial in 1973 went ballistic and very quickly under the influence of the office bearers of OBMCC, membership skyrocketed. 



Competitive Awards


Club Champion: has since 1982 been decided at the Club Championship weekend in Nov. each year. 1982 was at Bargo, and all others since have been at Yerriong near Nowra except for one around 1994 at Louee Station near Mudgee. Points are awarded for Motocross, Enduro and sometimes Trial, Gymkhana, Dirt Track and other events, and the club champion is the rider scoring the most points over the weekend.


Steve Walter Enduro Champion: Points are scored for outright placings in OBMCC enduro rounds, 3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. Riders of any senior grade are eligible. Formerly the Macklin Trophy, was renamed for Steve Walter as Macklin Motorcycles no longer exists. Steve Walter was an OBMCC Junior and Senior rider, A4DE Silver medalist and tireless worker with his family for the club. Steve’s life was tragically cut short by cancer at the age of only 18. Steve loved Enduro competition, and NSW Junior Enduros were started by Alan McGuirk and OBMCC from an idea of Steve’s when he was in remission and still a Junior.


McFarlane Enduro award: Dave McFarlane is a life member of OBMCC, past Club Champion, NSW and Australian champion, multiple A4DE NSW team member and Gold medalist, multiple ISDE Australian team member and Gold medalist, and he and his family donated this award to go to the rider scoring the most points in the OBMCC Enduro series in one year. Riders of any senior grade are eligible.


Competitor of the Year: Awarded to the rider scoring the most points overall in Motocross and Enduro rounds. Riders of any senior grade are eligible.

Awards voted by Club Members:


Representative of the Year:  A member that represents the club in open or national competition as a competitor or official


Club Person of the year: The most outstanding member helping or running club events or activities.


Encouragement Award: Sometimes a “hard luck” award, sometimes for riders that just keep showing up and competing but never quite finishing at the front.


Most Improved: Quite often, one member will stand out in this category at the end of the year.


Oyster Bay Motorcycle Club Constitution

The name of the club is "Oyster Bay Motorcycle Club Inc".


Primary Objective
To promote and encourage all aspects of motor cycling as a sport.

Secondary Objectives
· To organise and conduct competitive events within guidelines and rules as set by the governing body.
· To maintain the good image of the Club and the sport.
· To ensure all members are aware of their responsibilities to our environment and the effect our sport has on it.
· To foster and encourage social events and teamwork.

The government and management of the Club shall be vested in and exercised by members of the Executive Committee. The members in the Annual General Meeting shall have the power to appoint committees. Such committees shall report their proceedings to the Executive and shall conduct their business in accordance with the Executive Committee.

All persons of good character of who are interested in motor cycling as a sport, and the responsibilities of being a club member are eligible for approval for membership.

All applications for club membership shall be in writing and shall be accepted, with joining fees payable, at time of application. Membership shall be ratified by members at the next club General Meeting, subject to any appeals being lodged by a financial member. In the case of membership being refused by a majority of members in general meeting, the application shall fail and the joining fee shall be refunded in full.

The Annual Subscription for membership shall be an amount determined by the Annual General Meeting. The subscription shall be due and payable at the first General Meeting of each calendar year. If any member's subscription is in arrears for 90 days he or see shall thereupon cease to be a member any forfeit all rights of membership. At any General Meeting such member may be restored to membership on payment of all arrears of subscription or other amounts then due.

Any member whose subscription is not in arrears and who desires to resign his or her membership shall tender his or her resignation by notice in writing given to the Secretary. The tender of such resignation shall be dealt with by the General Meeting held after the expiration of seven days from the receipt by the Secretary of such notice. On acceptance of the resignation the member shall cease to be a member and so forfeit all rights and privileges of membership.

A General Meeting may suspend or expel from the club any member whose conduct is considered, in the opinion of a two-thirds majority of the members present, not to be in the best interest of the club or the sport. A member shall have the right to appeal.


1. Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held on the first Wednesday of September of each year for the purpose of receiving the Annual Report from the Secretary and Treasurer, and the Statement of Income and Expenditure and Balance Sheet and for the Election of the Officers for the ensuring year and general business. Seven day's notice shall be given of such meeting to the financial members. Twelve financial members shall constitute a quorum at the Annual General meeting.

Business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:
(a) read minutes of the last Annual General Meeting;
(b) receive the annual reports of the Club's activities and transactions for the past year;
(c) receive the balance sheet of the Club for the past year;
(d) election of officers;
(e) consider any recommended alterations or additions to the constitution or rules of the club, providing they appear on posted agenda;
(f) set annual subscription fees for the following calendar year;
(g) to consider nominations for life membership.

2. General Meetings
General Meetings of the Club shall be held regularly as decided in Annual General Meeting. Seven financial members shall constitute a quorum at General meeting. The order of business at a General Meetings shall be:
(a) Open meeting
(b) Apologies
(c) Minutes from previous meeting
(d) Financial statement
(e) Money matters requiring approval
(f) General Business 
(g) Correspondence
(h) Riding reports
(i) Other business
(j) Close meeting

3. Extra Ordinary General Meeting
An Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the club shall be called by the Secretary upon resolution of a General meeting or upon receipt by him of a written requisition signed by not less than one-third of financial members. Such requisition shall state therein the nature of the business for which the meeting is desired. Seven days notice at least shall be given to all financial members of any Extra Ordinary Meeting and shall be held not less than fourteen days after receipt by the Secretary of the requisition. Twelve financial members shall constitute a quorum at a Extra Ordinary Meeting. No business other than that specified in the requisition shall be dealt with at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting.

At all General Meetings of the Club every financial member shall be entitled to be present and to give one vote and no more upon every question. The chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote only, and that only, in case of equality of votes. At all committee meetings, the chairman shall have an ordinary as well as, in case of equality of votes, a second or casting vote.

Except where otherwise provided therein Parliamentary Rules of Debate shall apply.

No resolution of a General Meeting shall be rescinded at any meeting except after Notice of Motion thereof signed by a proposer and seconder, such notice to be in the hands of the Secretary seven days prior to the General Meeting of the Club at which the motion is to be moved. The Secretary shall forward to all members particulars of notice of motion at least seven days prior to the meeting at which the motions shall be debated.

The decisions of all committees shall be subject to the confirmation of the next general meeting, except the Appeals Committee whose decision shall be final.

All banking shall be carried out with an approved branch of the club's nominated bank.

Cheques drawn on the Club account must be signed by the Treasurer and counter-signed by either the President or Secretary.

The Honorary Secretary or Assistant Secretary shall carry out all directions of the General Meetings and any other secretarial duties relating to their offices, collect all money due to the Club and hand this to the Honorary Treasurer, and keep a true and correct record of business of all meetings in the approved minutes book.

The Honorary Treasurer shall:
(a) attend to all the financial business of the Club;
(b) keep a detailed account of all monies received and paid out during his tenure of office, and bank all monies in the Club's authorised banking account within seven days of receipt thereof;
(c) the assets and income of the club shall be applied solely in furtherance of its above mentioned objectives and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the organisation except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation. All payments must be authorised by a club meeting.
(d) Keep his books to date and be ready at all times to lay before or hand over to the General Meeting any book, receipt or account on demand;
(e) prepare a balance sheet for the Annual General Meeting.

All Honorary Executive Officers of the Club shall be elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting by ballot and shall retire at the next Annual General Meeting following their appointments, but shall eligible for re-election. An Honorary Officer shall immediately vacate his office if he be declared by vote of a General Meeting to have lost the confidence of the members. The members in General meeting from time to time may, by election, fill any positions becoming vacant. No member who is absent from the General Meeting can be elected to any office at that Meeting. an Honorary Officer shall vacate his office if he absents himself from three consecutive General Meeting, without leave of absence.

The Constitution or Rules shall not be altered except at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extra Ordinary General Meeting called for the purpose. Fourteen days notice of any proposed alteration must be lodged with the Secretary, who, if subsequent to the Annual General Meeting, shall convene an Extra Ordinary General Meeting, notice of such meeting stating the Objective for same shall be given by him to all financial members not less than seven days before the fixed date for the meeting at which twelve financial members shall constitute a quorum.

The General Meeting shall have power to frame, amend or rescind by-laws if considered necessary for facilitating the work and in furtherance of the objectives of the Club. Such by-laws shall be consistent with the Constitution and rules.

The members in General Meeting shall interpret and construct the rules and by-laws in respect to all matters and things arising thereunder, and their decision shall be final.

Any notice of any meeting or other business concerning the Club may be served on any member by post forwarded to his or her registered address.

The Club shall not be wound up, the funds diverted, or the assets and property liquidated except upon an affirmative vote by secret ballot of not less than two-thirds of the financial members of the Club at an Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Club. Fourteen days notice at least of any proposed winding up shall be given to all members by the Secretary in writing.

If upon the winding up or dissolution of the organisation there remains, after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions which is itself a non-profit organisation.

This constitution supersedes all previous Constitutions of the Oyster Bay Motor Cycle Club.

Date of approval
1996 AGM

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