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In accordance with the Motorcycling Australia Drug and Alcohol Policy, Motorcycling NSW yesterday commenced random drug and alcohol testing of riders and officials at Bathurst MX club day. (also last weekend at Nowra King of the Bush).


The testing which is conducted by independent qualified personnel, was undertaken for the first time yesterday at a local motocross club day in Bathurst with many riders being randomly selected to undertake the testing throughout the day. The process which takes approximately 10 minutes per rider is done in accordance with Australian Standards and involves taking a non-invasive saliva test of the person being tested with results being available immediately to the rider.


Motorcycling General Manager Daniel Gatt was on hand at the meeting and was the first person tested, ? The testing is very simple but extremely accurate, we have taken our time in the implementation of drug and alcohol testing to ensure that our process is accurate and efficient? noted Gatt, ?Whilst we do not suspect there is a massive problem with social drugs or alcohol in our sport, testing enables us to place another risk mitigation control for riders and officials to ensure those in the same event are not under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs? he continued.


Drug and Alcohol testing will now be conducted at events of all levels including club, interclub and open meetings across all disciplines. Random testing will also be undertaken at non-competitive events including coaching.


The Random Drug and Alcohol testing station will arrive at race meetings unannounced and commence testing, with the club, promoter or officials of the meeting not being informed when and where testing will be undertaken. The personnel undertaking the tests are all accredited to Australian Standards and their testing will not affect the rider?s participation in the day?s events. Only the testers will select the riders to be tested and any rider or official who refuses to take a test if randomly selected will face a mandatory suspension.


The use of social and recreational drugs and alcohol is a common issue in society across the country, this initiative by Motorcycling NSW will ensure that the risk of a rider or official participating in an event whilst under the influence of these products is reduced, and as a result, improves the safety of all other persons involved in our sport.


Further information can be obtained by contacting Motorcycling NSW and the Motorcycling Australia Drug and Alcohol Policy can be found in the 2016 Manual of Motorcycle Sport.



Phone: (02) 9635-9177



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