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2015 OBMCC Calender

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OBMCC Next Race - Clearview Grass Track 12th June 2015

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Sleets Grass Track Results

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Seeking a replacement "club secretary" due to existing secretary resigning for personal reasons. Anyone interested please contact a committee mender to discuss.

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Wattle Flat results are now on MyLaps

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A4DE Enduro, Wynyard Tasmania October 2015


OBMCC is seeking expressions of interest from riders who will be seeking rider support and/or bike transport by shipping container for the 2015 A4DE.


Again there is criteria that this year must be met in order for a rider to qualify for OBMCC rider support.


Lodging an EOI does not automatically gain rider support or a place in the shipping container.


Some of the criteria to qualify for rider support are listed below:

a) Must be a financial member of OBMCC before end of May 2015

b) Must have ridden a minimum of 2 OBMCC 2015 point score rounds before end of June 2015

c) Must work at a OBMCC 2015 round in setting up and striping down prior to end of June 2015

d) Must provide a (non racing in A4DE) support person for the duration of the A4DE (Monday 19th October to Saturday 24th October) who can assist with work periods, fuel transport and remote rider support at controls. From my experience at 3 previous A4DE's as a OBMCC rider support person it is not a picnic. Your support person will be up early every day, may not see a lot of racing, may be out in the bush for many hours. However it is not all bad as they will see the entire field pass by, build up relationships with other helpers (every rider needs support at each control so there are lots of others at the controls to talk too.

e) Must pay full fare by end of August 2015 Contact David Comiskey if you have questions related to rider support or bike transport.


Lodge Expression of Interest

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New Venue for OBMCC Club Meetings for 2015

Meetings will now be held at Wentworthville Leagues Club, 50 Smith Street, Wentworthville NSW.

4th Tuesday of each month to start at 7.00 p.m. 

Everyone welcome!


Please note that there has been a change in the room for the OBMCC monthly meetings at Wenty Leagues.


NOW: Parkview Meeting Room. This is inside The Jasmine (Chinese Restaurant). This now allows juniors to come along and see how it all works.


Note: the next meeting is this coming Tuesday, 25 March Starting at the new time of 7.00 pm.


Please be early so the meeting can start on time. There are nice places to eat on site, so come along and make a family night of it!


For further details, contact OBMCC secretary Lyn on 0422 580 922

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2015 Online Membership

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Help OBMCC by becoming an MA accredited official, OBMCC requires 4 MA qualified officials at each race meeting

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Club Shirts for sale for $30.           Riding Shirts for sale $60.

Contact David

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How to Join OBMCC and How to get a Race Licence or One Day Licence?

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